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If your website is not attractive, thoughtfully built, and conversion-centric, you could end up losing 88 percent of repeat visitors.
Allowing a poorly-designed website to influence your bottom line is a bad idea. Now is the time to redesign it!

Website Redesign Services by PageTraffic

The conversion rate can be increased by 200 percent to 400 percent with a well-designed interface. PageTraffic has a team of experienced designers who will brainstorm together to create a high-performing and lead-driven website to give you an edge over competitors. We have tailored website redesign services to suit your requirement and budget, whether you are a startup, an organisation, or a small/medium-sized business

Give a Facelift to Your Website

A website can say a lot about your business. For 48 percent of travellers, it is the most significant factor in assessing a company's reputation. Is your website, however, doing justice to your brand? Is your website able to draw more potential customers? If the response is no, you'll need to redesign your website.

What Would You Get?

All of our website redesign plans have one goal in mind: to boost a company's bottom line. We use client feedback, competitor research, and design trends to create a new design that will drive more traffic and ultimately increase sales. When you hire PageTraffic to update your website, you get the following:


The requirement of the hour is a sensitive website. It must look great on all devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. We create responsive websites with the aim of maximizing response and conversion.


Since every company has a unique set of clients, no two websites can have the same design. Page Traffic provides tailored website redesign services to give the company a distinct identity.


We don't want cost to be an impediment to clients getting an amazing website redesigned. We have affordable packages to meet your needs and fit into the bill, whether you are a small business, company, or startup.

Website Redesigning with Chennai SEO Expert – Why?

We've managed to create a team capable of taking on any project after working on hundreds of projects for companies of all shapes and sizes and using a validated website redesign process.

Gives a Fresh Look

Our website redesign process goes above and beyond the usual, and our team of designers collaborates closely with you to give your website a new and fresh look while ensuring that it runs smoothly and generates more sales.

Redesign that Connects

It's not just about adding fancy fonts and a new theme when it comes to redesigning the website! As a leading website redesign business, we put a greater emphasis on optimizing customer interactions and redesigning your site in such a way that it directly interacts with your target audience...

Improved Branding

We redesign with your brand in mind, assisting you in improving your identity across all facets of your website's new look while growing online sales. We assist you in every way possible to boost your branding with a fresh look…

Drive Sales Growth

Our designers will help you increase the reputation of your online brand, which will increase confidence from your target audience, no matter how bad your online presence was. The more they like you, the more business you'll get on the internet...

Optimize Marketing Costs

We also indulge your company website with alluring graphics, advanced analytics monitoring, replacing old contents with new ones, social media integrations, and a lot more, all of which help to reduce your overall marketing costs.

Optimized for SEO

When you're revamping the look and feel of your website, it's easy to forget about SEO! But don't be bothered! We'll customize the photos, CSS, and code, as well as almost everything else, to make it search engine friendly.

Business verticals we cater

No matter what industry you're in, our collaborative design process involves you and your team in every phase of the web layout design process to ensure that your website represents your brand while also helping you develop.


Dedicated to creating innovative e-healthcare solutions with compelling and engaging templates that embody your company's emotions, spirituality, and physical well-being...

Retail & eCommerce

Our designers can create a fantastic visual appearance and allow brand identity to help you cope with the growing competition, whether it's a supply chain, retail company, or a massive B2B solution...

Travel & Tourism

Helps you boost up your ROI while reducing the overall operation costs to manage the critical business operations with intuitive designs, innovative features, and amazing user experience…

Professional Business

Our designers can create a fantastic visual appearance and allow brand identity to help you cope with the growing competition, whether it's a supply chain, retail company, or a massive B2B solution...


With years of practice, we've turned traditional learning into digital, which necessitates an engaging and student-friendly user interface to make them feel more interactive and useful...

Media & Entertainment

Our custom templates will put all of the appropriate media components together in one place in a user-friendly manner to ensure that your audience is entertained...


If you're organizing a small event or a large cultural programmed, your website should represent your efforts, and our templates will assist you in creating a simple and crisp template for your event...

Food & Restaurants

Do you work in the on-demand food delivery industry? Or do you own a chain of restaurants? With our designs, we will help you give your traditional food and restaurant company a brand identity...

Real Estate

Since the real estate industry is one of the most competitive, it is important for individuals to distinguish themselves! We're here to help you connect with industry customers...

Our Work Process

Seeing clients who are enthusiastic about their concept motivates us to give it our all! To provide better solutions that represent your company while raising you up, we always look for an established methodology and agile process.


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